Volgend weekend bieden wij het hele weekend allerlei seminars aan onder leiding van onze special guest Amnon Darsa!

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( ook toegankelijk voor “niet” leden ) 👈🏽

Amnon is één van de beste Krav Maga instructeurs van de wereld tot nu toe. Expert 5! Hij begon met Krav Maga toen hij 13 jaar oud was. Amnon was sinds 1988 de protégé van Eyal Yanilov, één van de studenten die bij Imi Lichtenfeld trainde.

Amnon Darsa’s visie:
“My approach and vision to Krav Maga is very simple but hard to achieve. I think Krav Maga should be learned by everyone who wants to “walk in peace.” I am a strong believer in Rory Miller’s words “The only defense against evil, violent people, are good people who are more skilled at violence.”
So we need to train hard on all aspects of the fight. My aim is to bring this understanding to people by creating instructors who will look at Krav Maga as their passion and duty to share with others.
I see Krav Maga not only as work or a hobby and a natural passion but as a mission – whether in Israel or around the world. My aim is to bring this understanding to whomever wants to learn Krav Maga through courses, seminars or individual training, etc.”

Tot volgende week!! 👊🏽

Available Appointments on 11 december 2023

  12:40 – 13:101 space available
  13:10 – 13:401 space available
  13:40 – 14:101 space available
  14:10 – 14:401 space available
  14:40 – 15:101 space available
  15:10 – 15:401 space available
  15:40 – 16:101 space available